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Transporting goods is not an easy task. But it is essential and vital in the functioning of the society in which we live. Consumption, technology, continuously developing industries, etc. - all contributed to the growing demand for raw materials, components and products, to the development of international trade and interactions and to the explosion of exports and imports.

In this context, providing premium, personalized, tailored, flexible and efficient transport services is a growing challenge.

More than 15 years ago, at Tolga Logistic we understood all these things and decided to build a transport company that is responsible, that accepts the challenges of this field and that offers solutions to its customers and, automatically, the society we live in.

After millions of kilometers traveled, tens of thousands of tons of goods transported and hundreds of satisfied customers we can say that we have achieved these goals. And we want to continue.

Because the lessons learned over the years, the passion for trucks and transportation, the organizational skills of our team members and customer satisfaction are the fuel that pushes us from behind, for the next millions of kilometers, the next tens of thousands of tons of goods and the next hundreds of customers.

Tolga Logistic carefully transports your goods. For over 15 years and probably for the next 15. Because the young generation is determined to continue our work.

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There will always be goods on the move. More and more. Professionals take care, responsibly, that it arrives on time, safely and cost-effectively, from point A to point B. 

We are professionals and we respect this rule.



Our mission is simple, but extremely important: WE CARRY YOUR GOODS CAREFULLY.

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