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We adapt easily to load and deliver quickly and efficiently.

Dispatching and other services

We keep everything under control.



Tolga Logistic has developed over the years and has won the trust of customers and the admiration of partners respecting the 3 essential principles in freight transport:

At time. Respecting the loading and delivery deadlines, respecting the schedule of our drivers (correctly driven / rest ratio) and streamlining routes are the 3 landmarks that we use and keep in optimal parameters when we refer to time.

In safety. "Safe" can mean many things. What do we understand, at Tolga Logistic, by safe? Intact goods (complete, undamaged) arrived at the destination + insurance of goods to cover unforeseen and unwanted events.

Profitable The profitability of a freight transport (regardless of its nature) is not limited to the financial part. It is very important to keep costs and prices fair and competitive for everyone - for us, as service providers, and for customers, as beneficiaries, and for drivers, as service facilitators. But, beyond that, profitability also refers to the amount of energy used, the time used, the resources involved (human, logistics, consumables, etc.).

That's why at Tolga Logistic we take into account all the variables to make any transport profitable for all those involved. On time and safely.

Therefore responsible.

Firma transporturi

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